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"Signs You'll See Just Before Jesus Comes"

Something New Is Coming — Watch for the Signs
Signs. They are important in almost everything we do. Nearly everywhere we go, there are signs in our lives that serve to guide us. We look for them wherever we travel, whether to the next city, state, or country — or to the next phase of our journey through life.

Jesus thinks signs are important too. That's why He gave us clear markers in Matthew 24 that would indicate His soon return and the end of this present age. In this book, Rick Renner digs deep into the Bible to describe these signs in vivid detail so we can recognize them and know how to navigate the last-days road ahead.

The signs on the road are appearing closer together. We are on the precipice of something new. Soon we'll see the final sign at the edge of our destination — in the very last moments just before Jesus comes.

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